My primary passion is the Android Operating system, and the hardware that it runs on. I have owned numerous devices, and have modified them in nearly every way possible, from repairs involving new screens, batteries, and charge ports, to custom ROMs, recoveries, and applications.


vTechAt about age 10, I quite accidentally discovered a passion for computers. My sister picked up a vTech PowerPad somewhere, likely a fleamarket.  In the course of playing with it, I discovered BASIC, through its built in compiler. Although the PowerPad's memory battory was dead, so that I could not save code between sessions, I was soon writing programs of lengths that were beginning to tax its capabilities. As I began to realize the limitations of that device, I started looking for other options to bring more capabilities, and I discovered the C++ language. I soon found a C++ programming manual that included aCD for Bloodshed Dev-C++ IDE that ran on my dad's Windows XP machine. The complexity of the C++ language compared to BASIC was daunting at first, but by the end of that year, I had written a console program that could handle all of the standard calculation functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square, square root) and also accept a temperature input in any of the five common temperature scales (Fahrenheit, Centigrade, Kelvin, Rankine, Réaumur), and convert it to any other of the five scales. At 19 I got my first actual job in a technological field, working as a cellphone sales representative for AT&T. Although my job description did not in anyway include relating to the technical aspects of devices, it fed my ferver, and set me on the path of working with Android devices. Over the next three years I delved deeper and deeper into the Android comunity and ecosystem.


I plan to start at HACC in the fall of 2017, focusing on filling in the gaps in my education, and using it as a preparation for applying to MIT. I intend to major in one or more computer related fields, most likely computer science and/or programming. I do have an interest in other aspects of Information Technologies as well, such as network administration, Linux administration, server management, etc. I hope to be able to broaden my knowlege and understanding of some of those fields through my college time, even they may not be my primary focus. Regardless or what I end up selecting as my major, I intend to remain an entrepreneur, and to pursue my vision or my own tech focused company. The mobile phone and laptop repair, and other aspects of this business are some of the early steps in that direction.