Robbie, EntrepreneurTRUE GEEK was established by Robbie Sawyer in March of 2014. After years of fixing his own electronic devices, and a growing number of his friends' devices, he accepted a position of employment with a small computer repair company based out of Frystown, PA, in January of 2014. It very quickly became apparent his goals, ideals, and ethics of business were at jarring odds to that of the business owner, and after a few discussions it was agreed that it was best to part ways. Even after leaving that company, the relationship between Robbie and his former employer remained amicable, and in late February or early March, the discusion of starting his own computer service business came up. Not only was his former employer not opposed, he indicated that he was considering getting out of the computer service industry to focus more on other interests. With the assurance that it would not be a competition between friends, Robbie established TRUE GEEK in mid-March of that year. While TRUE GEEK, under Robbie's direction, handles not only repairs on all forms of electronic devices, but also virus removal, web design & management, and system and computer upgrades, consultation, and repairs, their specialty, and the majority of their business, remains smartphone repairs.