Hi, I'm Robert Sawyer, Robbie to my friends. I'm a 23 year old self-taught computer tech. I'm familiar with Windows OS, from Windows 95, all the way up to Windows 10; Mac OSX, from Cheetah all the way to Mavericks; and Linux. My currenty OS is Arch, but I have extensively used Ubuntu, Elementary OS, and Fedora, and I have some hands-on experience with RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux). I also have extensive experience with the smartphone OS Android, and moderate experience with Apple's iPhone OS, IOS. I handle software installation, hardware troubleshooting, diagnosis, and repair, smartphone rooting/jailbreaking, custom tweaks, and modifications. I also do home and small business networking, setting up modems, wired and wireless (WiFi) routers, etc. My rate is $50 bench/show-up fee, which covers the first hour, and $45/hour thereafter. If you think I could be of assistance to you, please email me at 
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