The Past:

Robbie Sawyer (that’s me) founded truegeek in Myerstown, PA in 2014. At that time, I had been repairing my own phones and other electronic devices for a few years, and over the previous few months, had begun to perform a lot of repairs for my friends. I enjoyed the work, and my success rate was nearly perfect, so it seemed like a good idea to offer my services to the general public. Almost exactly one year after I first decided to put out the word that I was offering repair services, some events in my personal life made it necessary for me to relocate about an hour and a half south west to Hanover, PA, my hometown. At first I was inclined to discontinue the repair service, and for about a year and a half, I performed almost no repairs. Then, some of my customers from the Myerstown area reached out to me, looking for the services that I had offered when I was living up there, and that got me back into the swing, and reminded me how much I enjoy this line of work.

The Present:

I continue to run truegeek by myself, with the only major change being that I have a lot more experience, and much better tools and parts at my disposal. The bulk of my customers come to me for my same-day iPhone screen repair, but I also offer many other services. I repair desktops and laptops, performing parts replacements and hardware upgrades. I also offer virus removal, home networking, and data recovery services. I have successfully repaired booting issues on computers ranging from Windows 95 through Windows 10, as well as Macbooks, and Linux systems.

The Future:

I recently purchased most of the equipment that I need to start performing more advanced repair procedures. I am studying electronics, and soldering techniques, with the goal of offering micro-soldering, and board level repairs in the very near future. I am also acquiring the equipment that I need to perform very low level software recoveries. Looking at the more long-term scene, I am actively working toward an Associates Degree in Networking Technologies, which will allow me to begin to tap into the corporate and commercial networking markets. The HR policies of many corporation preclude them from contracting me for tech services without a degree, so that is a priority. After I reach that goal, the next big step will be to begin to tap into the demand for cloud based services, and see how I can benefit my customers by braodening my knowledge there.