How Do I Fix My Keyboard Not Typing Certain Letters

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Personal computers consist of 2 major parts: hardware and software. Hardware is the parts that can be seen and touched, that is, they are physically present, like a mouse, keyboard, monitor, CPU, motherboard, and many more, while the software is the parts that can be only seen but not touched like windows, applications, drives, and more. Both of these parts are susceptible to damage and require an expert Phone repair store like ours True Greek LLC to be repaired. 

Most people think that replacing the device is much better than repairing but in reality, it is not true. If the repair costs half the price of the new device, then it’s better to get the older one repaired rather than spending so much money on a new device that is only slightly different from the present one. Take your device to TrueGeek LLC, and our experts will resolve the issue in minimum time. 

Fixing A Keyboard Not Typing Certain Letters At A Phone Repair Store 

Sometimes the keyboard functions well, but a few keys need to type certain letters. It can be very annoying and disappointing as you have paid money for a device that needs to be fixed. There can be a lot of reasons for keys not working well, and we will discuss each cause in detail in the following article: 

One or more keys are not working 

Over time dust, dirt, debris, and other things get stuck into the keyboard, obstructing the key’s movement and interfering with its circuit. To solve this problem, remove the key from the keyboard that is not working, then clean the area under and around it. 

You can also use an air compressor or compressed air to blow away the debris between the keys. If the keys are still not functioning, then the keyboard’s circuit board is probably faulty. It is advised to take your keyboard to a  Phone repair store with experts who know their jobs well. 

Function keys are not working

If the function keys on your keyboard are not working, then the possibility is that you have a function lock or f lock key that should be toggled. An F lock key is used to turn on or off the F Keys or other secondary functions. Some keyboard manufacturing companies label the F lock key as the Fn key. 

Number pad keys are not working 

If your keyboard’s number pad keys are behaving oddly, like moving the cursor, press the num lock key. This key changes the setting between primary functions like numbers and secondary operations like arrow keys, home, delete, and many more of the number keypads. 

If you have a keyboard with LED indicators, the light should be on when the numbers are typed. Sometimes these tips need to be revised, leading to the suspension of more deep problems. 

In this case, either the keys must be replaced, or the full number keypad is to be installed. For proper diagnosis, take your phone to a  cell phone repair center, and they will diagnose the problem and will act accordingly. 

Keys usage 

Only some keys work with all applications, like function keys F1 and F2 only work with some applications. Before concluding, double-check your keyboard keys with programs like notepad, word processor, or any other app. 

If certain keys are not working in every app, then you can say it is faulty and needs to be seen by an expert. If you are looking for apple phone repair in Hanover, pa, then we are your best option. Take your keyboard to us, and our experts will resolve the problem at a very affordable price. 


We at True Geek LLC try our best to give you a same-day turnaround and high-quality repair. All our work is done under 90 days of warranty, showing how much we care about you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I fix my keyboard problem?

If your keyboard is not working, you can do the following things to fix the problem:

  • Clean the keyboard to eliminate any dirt and debris that might be accumulated in the keys. 
  • Check to see if there is any hardware issue or connectivity problem. 
  • Look at the keyboard settings and keyboard drivers and fix any problems. 
  • You must have the appropriate keyboard layout compatible with your device. 
  • If none of the above things work out, you can always use an external keyboard. 

How do I reset my keyboard?

To reset your keyboard, you can take the following steps: 

  • Unplug your keyboard and hold down the ESC key for a while. 
  • While pressing the ESC key, plug the keyboard back into your computer. 
  • Do Not release the ESC key after five seconds; you can see the keyboard flashing light if the reset worked out. 

Why is my keyboard typing the wrong keys?

If your keyboard is typing the wrong keys, consult a phone repair store near you so that they can fix the problem as soon as possible. You can see if Numlock is disabled or not.