6 Tips To Fix A Frozen Phone By A Phone Repair Store

frozen phone screen

Cell Phones have become an essential multi-purpose tool for us, on which we rely for many of our tasks, whether related to work or entertainment, and a malfunction can cause real problems for us. Especially if it stops working suddenly or freezes, but don’t worry. Stress only makes things worse. Phone repair store experts’ tips can help you get your phone to work smoothly again. You can try all these ways step by step to get your gadget working again.

Tips By Phone Repair Store Expert To Fix A Frozen Phone

One of life’s most frustrating experiences is to discover that your phone has locked suddenly in the middle of your work day, or a social outing. Unfortunate news? Even the most advanced and expensive phones can freeze occasionally. Therefore True Geeks LLC Experts have put together a precise guide to help you unfreeze your phone. So without further ado, let’s look at what the experts say.

Restart Your Phone Forcefully

According to the Cell Phone Repair Store Experts, the first thing that you shall do is to consider restarting your phone. Often, too many unprocessed apps run in the background, or the phone cannot perform the task given to it, making the screen unresponsive. Hence, rebooting the device can prove to be helpful here.

How to reboot your phone?

Hold the power button for Android phones for a few seconds for the device to turn off.
For iPhone users, holding power + Volume down button simultaneously for a few seconds turns off the device.
If you got a phone with a removable battery, you might consider pulling out the battery. After the rebooting process, your phone may become responsive. If not, let’s move on to the other ways.

Try Freeing up some Space

Another common reason, according to cell phone repair experts, is that your phone does not have sufficient storage left to process effectively. This means you need to free up some space from your device.

Ideally, your phone should have at least 500 MB – 1 GB of free storage space. If your phone alerted you of low storage capacity and did not take any action, you’re reaping the result now. But dont worry. You can still make your phone work smoothly by clearing some of the storage space from your device.

You may start by checking how much free storage is left and which apps consume more storage space. You can even offload some apps or delete videos that are larger than 5 MBs and have been forwarded to you multiple times on social apps like WhatsApp. This can help free up space.

Update The System

Professionals at cell phone repair centers explain that software updates are introduced to improve the device’s performance and security by introducing new and improved features and fixing software bugs and issues which existed in the previous version. Older software versions may cause compatibility issues with new and advanced apps. Hence, updating the system might solve your phone’s freezing issues.

Delete Any Unnecessary Apps

If updating your smartphone does not help, you must check open apps running in the background. More specifically, if a low-end phone has a lot of applications and processes running in the background, it may freeze. Closing such applications, on the other hand, will unfreeze your device.

Perform a Factory Reset

Even after trying all the steps mentioned above, you’re phone still does not unfreeze or become responsive. You may factory reset your device or seek professional assistance. We at True Geeks LLC offer a variety of services. You can visit our website or contact us to book an appointment with one of the technicians who can help you revive your phone back to normal.

Another Tip By Phone Repair Experts? Never Panic! Even if it’s about a phone that stops working suddenly or if it’s about data loss. Cell Phone repair stores in Hanover, PA, have solutions for all your software and hardware-related phone issues. However, you must ensure that you visit reputable stores to get your devices fixed, especially if it is about data recovery, as it requires advanced expertise and skills to be handled. But dont worry. You can trust the experts at True Geeks LLC. Our technicians are well trained and know how to handle sensitive data.

So these were some of the tips suggested by experts at phone repair stores. Hopefully, by following these measures, you will be able to make your phone work smoothly again.