How To Fix iPad Battery Drain While Charging

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Though a lot of advancement has been made in the manufacturing industry of tech gadgets, only some devices are damage-proof. It is because all devices are artificial, and like humans, they are all susceptible to damage. In a cell phone, many problems can occur, like fast battery drainage, screen damage, touch difficulties, and many others. 

If you are facing problems with your iPad, consult a Phone repair store like ours, True Geek LLC who can fix your problem in minimum time. Some people prefer to repair by themselves, but the issue is that they need proper knowledge and experience to avoid ending up with a more damaged device. 

In several cases, the damage done is at such an advanced stage that even an expert cannot repair your device. So it is better to go to an expert in the first place rather than regretting later. 

Things To Do For Fast Battery Drainage At A Phone Repair Store

iPhones are quite expensive nowadays, and it would be very annoying if their battery performance could be more spectacular. Several factors contribute to battery problems. 

To resolve the issues take your device to TrueGeek LLC, and our experts will save you from a major loss. If you do not have enough time to take your mobile to a cell phone repair center, then the following are some tips that can save you a little extra time: 

Turning On Reduce Motion

To save your battery, you should turn on reduce motion, as it cuts down the animations on the screen. These animations occur when you close and open any app or when pop-ups appear on the screen of your iPad. 

By turning it on, you will not feel any difference, but you will be able to save a lot of your iPad’s battery. To turn on the reduced motion, go into accessibility from settings, then click motion, and you will see reduced movement, turn the switch on, appearing green. 

Turn On Auto-Lock

The auto lock turns your iPad’s screen off after a certain non-functioning time. If the auto lock is off on your iPad, your screen will always be on until you turn it off, causing more battery drainage. 

To turn the auto lock on, go to settings, then display, and you will see auto lock. Select any option according to your feasibility other than never. 

Closing of apps

Some experts say that closing apps from the background do not affect the battery, while some say closing them is necessary as the apps run in the background consume more battery. Thus making it a controversial topic in the apple world. 

However, we are included in the second team and recommend you close out all the apps if you want to save your battery. To close apps on older iPhones, double-click the home button. While in the latest iPhones, drag the bottom of the screen towards the mid, then swipe the apps up towards the top of the screen to remove the apps. 

Share iPad analytics 

When you turn on your iPad for the first time, Apple asks you whether you want to share your data with them. This is called iPad analytics. You might have turned it on as you were eager to set up your new iPad. 

Apple wants this information to improve its products and services. Share iPad analytics will drain the iPad’s battery faster because it continuously runs in the background and uses the processor’s power while sending the information to apple. Please turn it off from the settings by going into privacy. Along with it, you should also turn off shared iCloud analytics. 

If the problem persists 

After taking all the above measures you are still looking for improvement, take your iPad to an expert Phone repair store. We have a team of experts who will run some diagnostic tests and then solve the problem accordingly. 


Find a reliable store for apple phone repair in Hanover, pa, because there are many quacks in the market. They will charge you a lot, but your device will not get a quality repair, nor will your data be safe. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you fix an iPad battery that fails?

When your iPad battery fails, you can do the following things to revive it: 

  • Turn the auto lock on and turn off the share iPad analytics.
  • All unnecessary notifications should be turned off. 
  • Change push mail to fetch mail. 
  • If you don’t use widgets, turn them off.

What’s wrong with my iPad battery?

If your iPad battery is not performing well, it might be due to poor charging or an inappropriate charger. It might be dying too quickly or not charging at all. This may be due to a background app draining the battery fast. Some software updates might be running in the background, or the screen is too bright. 

How long do iPad batteries last?

An iPad battery lasts about 10 hours, but the last thing also depends upon many other factors. If your iPad battery is performing poorly and lasts only about four hours or less, you should take your iPad to a mobile phone repair near you.