The 8 Worst Mistakes Phone Repair Store Rookies Make—and How to Avoid Them

mistakes by phone repair rookies

Since cell phones are all the rage now, there have been jobs for technicians in this industry ever since they were first developed. Technicians have matured into knowledgeable professionals after working in the field for so long. Everyone, no matter how knowledgeable they are, is susceptible to making blunders. As a result, we have provided a list of some typical but readily avoidable errors made by those who provide cell repair services at the Best phone repair stores.

8 Common Cell Phone Repair Store Mistakes

1. Not Repairing in the Estimated Time

One of the main issues with most technicians is this. The delay could have several causes. It can be the result of a delay in fault investigation. Sometimes a handset malfunction is difficult to identify and may take a long time to fix.

The absence of spare components may also be a factor in the delay. But a delay brought on by simple indifference is unacceptable. A significant message about your attention to detail and punctuality is sent to the clients when you fix the phone and finish the work on time.

2. Not Replacing all of the Screws

Some technicians are negligent when disassembling a phone and simply throw the screws on the workstation. They lose the screws while working on the phone, so they can’t use them to put the device back together. 

It is not uncommon for technicians to abandon these empty slots or use screws that do not match the rest of the hardware, damaging the slots’ original threads.

Keeping screws and other small parts organized in a compact tray is the easiest way to avoid this typical error. You can rest assured that you have not forgotten or neglected to put anything back in its place if you follow this procedure. Many phones can be disassembled in parallel, provided you use separate trays for each model of opened handset.

3. Not Inquiring about the Problem and History of the Device with the Client

When customers send their phones in for repairs, many technicians don’t bother to inquire about the root of the problem. On the other hand, you can save time and get to the bottom of things by simply asking the consumer what’s going on.

Make it a point to inquire whether the customer has previously taken the device somewhere to get it fixed for the same or a different issue. This will allow you to determine whether or not the handset has been opened previously.

4. Not Looking for Solutions on the Internet

Many repairmen waste a lot of time trying to fix the handset by experimenting until they find what seems to work rather than taking the time to look up possible solutions online.

Keep in mind that in today’s environment, the internet is an invaluable resource for finding answers to any questions you may have. You should probably try to find answers online, and if you’re lucky, you’ll find them even for the most intractable errors. YouTube is another good place to seek related content.

Here are some of the greatest places online to get free, straightforward instruction in cell phone repair. There are several helpful resources online for anyone who wants to learn more about cell phone repair stores or who wants to try their hand at fixing a broken phone themselves.

To find answers, you must use every available resource, including text, image, and video searches.

5. Disregarding the Safety Regulations

It’s important to remember the fundamentals of repair safety to avoid injuring oneself or breaking the device.

6. Disregarding Standard Methods of Repair

The majority of servicemen are negligent when working on a phone. If you look at their work, you’ll see it’s poorly done. Maintaining professionalism when performing any kind of treatment or technique is important.

Many technicians’ soldering efforts are clumsy and not professional. Cleaning up the everywhere-applied solder flux is a must once the job is done. Whether something is being installed in the factory or repaired at a service center, having a clean job that gives a feeling for what needs to be done is of the utmost importance.

7. Failure to Adhere to the Fault-Finding Procedures

Many repair specialists rush through the process of figuring out what’s wrong with a phone when it comes in for service. They merely disassemble the phone and fix the hardware themselves. Repairing an electronic device must be done following the standards established by repair professionals.

8. Repairing the Motherboard and the Chips When it’s not Necessary

Without proper justification, some experts will immediately begin tinkering with the motherboard. Using heat or simple reflow, they tinker with the motherboard and the chips. When troubleshooting a hardware issue, the motherboard should be the final component to be worked on.


You may fix your equipment or have it serviced with confidence now that you know the most common mistakes to avoid. You should feel confident knowing how to keep your phone in pristine condition because these mistakes are simple to avoid.

Another helpful tool for phone repair stores is ensuring that all you needed to do for your move was completed was a crossed-off checklist.

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