Guide To Buy Right Charger From A Phone Repair Store

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Finding the right charger available at phone repair stores for your phone or other gadgets has always been tricky. The increasing trend of new handsets coming without a boxed adapter has made the task of finding the right charger more strenuous.

To help make this task easier for you, we will discuss a few factors you should consider before purchasing a charger, according to cell phone repair experts. In simpler words, this is a small guide to help you pick the right charger for your electronic devices! So without further ado, let’s get to the point.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Charger From Phone Repair Store

These are some of the factors suggested by technicians at cell phone repair centers that you should keep in mind while finding the right charger for your device.

Determine The Charging Port

This is a simple step. You shall consider buying the charger whose port corresponds with the charging port of your phone. The newer models of Android have a C-Port, whereas the previous versions have a simple micro-USB port. On the other, apple products have a lightning port, which is compatible with adapters like USB – C to lighting adapter/ cable.

Experts in cell phone repair recommend double-checking because some shady manufacturers have copied Apple by creating their proprietary adaptor, which can cause some serious smartphone damage.

Smartphone’s Output

In order to understand the smartphone’s output, we need to consider two things.

Voltage Modulation (V)

The best charger supplies a voltage that is compatible with your mobile device. Although 5V has been the standard for a long period, recent developments from companies such as Qualcomm have allowed outputs ranging from 9 to 12V. If a non-Qualcomm device is detected, most 9V or 12V chargers will automatically switches it to 5V. This means newer 9V or 12V smartphone chargers can be used with older 5V devices.

Amperage (A)

It has been tested by technicians at the cell phone repair stores in Hanover, PA, that a charger with more amperage charges your device faster. However, some of the smartphones can accept a charger with high amperage, but there is still a hard limit on how much electricity can be handled safely. Therefore, you must ensure that the charger you’re considering buying has a voltage of at least 2A.

Now that we know about it let’s talk about the power output. The formula for calculating the power output is simple. You multiply the voltage with the amperage. This means that the higher voltage and amperage of a charger, the higher its power output.

Fast Charging

Although you don’t need a fast charger, as you can do just fine even without it, you must check if the smartphone can support fast charging. So before you purchase a fast charger, you must check if your phone is compatible with fast charging. What is its fast charging protocol, and can your cable support the quick charging or not?

Charge For Various Devices

The best charger among all is the one that can support multiple devices simultaneously. However, you must ensure that the charges do support high power so that it can support simultaneous fast charging of multiple devices.


Brand matters a lot. Ideally, you should opt for an original charger manufactured in the smartphone’s factory that is designed specifically for it. This is important as the brand’s manufacturers produce high-quality chargers that go through many reliability and performance tests and are compliant with international certifications, such as the RoHs, CE, Etc.

So this is how you can opt for the right charger for your phone from a phone repair store. You must also ensure that your phone’s battery and charging port are well maintained and working perfectly to get the best charging results.
If your phone is not accepting any charger, then the issue might be with your phone. Make sure to get your phone checked properly before investing in chargers. For this purpose, you can visit us at True Geeks LLC. We offer various high-quality smartphone maintenance and repair services at affordable rates. To learn more about the services we offer, visit our services page

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